Image of Glass Globe Vape Pen Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer

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Glass Globe Vape Pen Dual Quartz Wax Atomizer

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​Our eGo Wax Pen Starter Kit comes with an 1100 mah battery giving you 10 hrs vape time per charge. It also gives you even puffs throughout your entire vape session. Using a Pyrex globe mouthpiece gives the wax pen a perfect seal resulting in an easier pull and a more pleasant vaping experience!

– Cleaner taste
– Efficient
- Doesn’t absorb concentrate

The double coil skillet is better for larger draws. The double coils give you the closest experience to taking a dab from a rig! We also use a ceramic cup along with quartz rods making our atomizers the most efficient on the market.

Our Kit Includes: 1 Travel Case, 1 Pyrex Globe, 1 Dual Quartz Atomizer, and One 1100 mah Battery with charger. Easy checkout with PayPal / Credit card.